Yr 10- Futurz Week

Year 10 - Futurz Week


This week will provide students with a range of exciting opportunities to experience possible slices and insights into future careers/vocations. Our theme this year is ‘Gifts Galore’. It is our desire to see our students discover and have positively affirmed their God given individual and unique personalities and gifts.  

We are asking for students to being their favourite cushion to sit on in the Drama room for some home comfort over the duration of ‘ Futurz’  and ‘No Apologies’ weeks . These will be stored in the Drama room.

Over the four days the students will participate in the following activities:

  • Activity One: ‘Personality Puzzle’. Students are to wear their uniform.  We have Sue Blair and Nicky Gumbrell running a course called ‘The Personality Puzzle’. To help students discover their personality type which is beneficial to their future development as a person, learner and opening up future career possibilities.
  • Activity Two: ‘Academic Coaching’. Students are to wear their uniform.  A new initiative called ‘Academic Coaching’ is an appointment for each Year 10 student and parent/caregiver to attend a 10-15 minute appointment with their form teacher. In this appointment there is time to reflect on your son’s/daughter’s academic progress during the year, options they have selected and possible career pathways and dreams for their futures.

    This is an excellent time to ask questions as well as set targets and put action plans into place that will help your child achieve their goals and future aspirations. We cannot emphasise enough how important this time will be for your child’s education and we ask that you make every effort you can to make an appointment.

When students are not in their academic appointments they will be placed in small groups to serve with a specified teacher in Primary or Middle school.

  • Activity Three: ‘Out and About Adventures’ . Students are to wear mufti with closed in shoes.  The Out and About Days have varied activities with a wide scope and range of exposure to diverse vocations. Students will have opportunity in class to select their two ‘Out and About’ days beforehand. 


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