Yr 9- Career Exploration

Year 9 - Career Exploration Days

After the end of year exams, all year 9 students will have an opportunity to spend two days thinking about and exploring their future careers.

Day One: Students will go to a workplace of their choice individually

Day Two: Students will attend a special "Careers Exploration" day here at school to discuss and share their experiences and have an opportunity to do further research on potential career options. 

This is not the day to pick out the career your child will follow for the rest of their lives. It is the opportunity to experience a work place environment that is within an industry that they have an interest in or a curiosity about .E.g. If they have an interest in Architecture help them investigate and consider a position within the associated  INDUSTRY, consider a work placement in the builders yard at Carters.  


At year 9, students have many options open to them, but as they make choices over the years ahead the range of options narrows and they become progressively more focused in a particular career direction. The cost and inconvenience of changing direction increases with time, and thus, it is important that students be given opportunity to start to explore their options at this age.

Please fill out the Proposal and Permission form here and return it to your form teacher the date specified.

Preparation before the day: 

  • Each student needs to arrange to spend the day “at work” in a business or service organisation of interest to them  (Students are expected to be in a place of work for 5hrs minimum)
  • Students should not expect to be paid for the day, but should give whatever assistance they can in exchange for experience and information about the job and wider industry.  
  • To get maximum benefit, the type of work explored should be aligned to the student’s current career aspirations. 
  • Ideally, the setting will be one that they have not been exposed to in the past (i.e. wherever possible, not going along to the family business or a current part time job.)
  • In many cases students will get the best one to one communication and exposure to what a job entails if they go alone but two students on one job site is permitted. 
  • Appropriate work experience must be physically and emotionally safe for the student to be involved in. Parents need to check their child’s arrangements and give their consent on the form attached.
  • Once arrangements have been completed they need to be agreed to by parents and then agreed to by the school. 

On the day: 

  • Students will have questions to fill out about the career explored and they will be required to get a comment from their host on their presentation and attitude to work.

Feed Back:

There will be a careers focused programme held at school where students will have an opportunity to feedback to the class the things that they have seen and share about ways that God uses people in different occupations. Students must bring their questionnaire to this form time for discussion and in order to be marked present.

Finding a place of work:

            • Students often learn a lot and get a confidence boost by making their own arrangements for the day, but assistance is available from the Careers Department for those who are having difficulty or need help to find experience in a particular area.
            • If you are involved in a place of work that may be of interest to students and you are able to supervise someone for the day then the KingsWay School Careers Department would love to hear from you. Please contact us.



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